About Us


AlphaPro undertakes to approach the market needs by providing a total solution geared by Specialities, our aim is to gain the trust of the medical community.


AlphaPro has more than 31 years of accumulated history in the medical field with excellent reputation on the market.


AlphaPro has clear and open communication with its customers. The focus is the end-user to ensure proper handling of the projects from discussing requirements to execution and after sales service.


After carefully listening to the market needs, AlphaPro endeavors to partner with the most reputable manufacturers who have demonstrated innovative and quality products through the years.


The relationship with the customers goes beyond the delivery and installation of the products. AlphaPro service people attend regular service trainings at its principals to meet the high standards requirements.


AlphaPro SAL handles a portfolio of reputable brands in the medical field. The product range today is mainly focused around the Urology and Surgery but is rapidly expanding into fields such as Nutrition, ENT, Neurosurgery, Anesthesia, Laparoscopy, Physiotherapy, etc. AlphaPro’s structure is dynamic and includes product, service and application specialists and engineers.

After accumulating several years of experience in the healthcare industry, AlphaPro relaunched its activities in 2011 in a more focused approach in the Medical Field.

AlphaPro is committed to provide its customers with innovative medical technologies to help them offer to their patients the best care.

AlphaPro aims to be a leader in providing total solutions for specific medical fields. The team continuously develops its leadership skills and pours all its efforts in understanding the market trends and partners with world renowned manufacturers.

AlphaPro is constantly looking for innovative healthcare technologies and make them available for its customers. Our main goal is to provide medical proffesionals, reliable advanced diagnostics and therapy devices for the benefit of the patients.